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No required office visits. No Court appearances. All meetings available by phone, video conference or in our office. It’s your choice. We file both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

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Do you need to file bankruptcy?

  • Are you being harassed by debt collectors?
  • Are you facing a foreclosure sale?
  • Is your vehicle about to be repossessed?
  • Has a creditor frozen your bank accounts?
  • Are you facing a wage garnishment?
  • Have you been sued or have an order to appear in court?
  • Are debt collectors jeopardizing your job by calling you at work?

Let’s get started and stop the creditor harassment

It’s easy to begin with a free consultation. We will explain the process, answer your questions and help determine if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you. If there’s a better solution, we’ll tell you.

If bankruptcy is indeed right for you, we can schedule an in office, phone or online video conference to proceed with the process. We don’t need any money to get things started.

Just click on the green call button to make an appointment or otherwise talk with us.

Here’s How it Works

Look over the bankruptcy information here on our website and what we will need to file your case. We’ve made a list of these and it appears below.

At our phone or video meeting, we’ll discuss your situation. We’ll take care of preparing all the necessary forms. We will need a few documents from you and will advise how to best upload them to us. When the bankruptcy schedules are ready, we’ll send them to you for review. We won’t need payment until then.

Once signed, the bankruptcy documents are ready to file. Upon filing, the court will schedule a short Zoom call for us both to speak with the bankruptcy trustee. We’ll be there every stop of the way to make sure things go smoothly.

What We Need to File Your Case

1. Your most recent paystub. We may also need a pay stub from six months ago to help establish your six-month income.

2. Copies of your two most recent state and federal tax returns.

3. Your residential address for the past three years and when you lived there.

4. All retirement accounts you have including Pension, IRA, 401k or 403b plans. We’ll need to list how much is in each plan and the name of the company that manages it. Retirement plan funds are generally exempt from creditors and the bankruptcy trustee, however.

5. Any life insurance policies you have that build cash value, who the beneficiaries are and the amount of cash value. Most life insurance plans are term policies only and do not build value.

6. All bank accounts, including online accounts such as Chime and Emerald card accounts.

7. All of your debts. We can find most by getting credit reports and checking online filings. We generally need no further documentation for these debts.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.